YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL, I AM NOT UGLY: How do we decide one person is beautiful and other one ugly? Who is beautiful and who is not? Who is ugly and who’s not? Aren’t we all made by the same God, same creator? Was he planning that lets just make this girl beautiful and the other one not so pretty while he was creating us? The question is how do we define beauty? Looking at those pictures of girls in magazines whom we consider to be hot and cool handsome dudes, how do we feel?

Well, many of us feel that why I am not as perfect as them? We don’t even know what’s the behind camera story of those photos. What’s the criteria to call them beautiful, hot, handsome or whatever and who created it? Of course we humans. God never differentiates between his child. It’s we humans, who categorize people and make them feel bad about themselves.

I believe that many times it’s not the human instinct that makes us find one person more attractive than other just physically. Through media, internet, people, magazines, we have just created in our mind a perfect image of who’s beautiful and who’s not. And whenever we meet a person who matches with that picture we respond that way because it’s already put inside our brains.

Whenever you see a beautiful girl, how do you know if she’s beautiful? Maybe many people would say that we just know it, we feel it or maybe sense it, no rocket science. But, what we don’t realize is that we are under the influence of so many  things that has been transferred into our minds through all these sources of technology, movies, videos, and all of these social apps and internet stuff.

You are not beautiful, I am not ugly

Many of these sources are feeding holy crap inside us. Tons of makeup is used to make you look so called “beautiful” or prettier or maybe better, so that people think you are perfect. I am not against this and the people who are using it or have to use it because of various reasons.

It’s totally their choice. If it makes you feel better in any way and you really like it, then it’s perfectly fine. But if you are wearing this for covering up your face because you just don’t feel confident about it or maybe you are using it as for hiding or something, than there’s a problem.

If I talk about myself, if someone says that I’ve got a pretty face, I just don’t get it sometimes. I mean like what does it mean to be pretty? I didn’t do anything to get this face, I was simply born with it, just like others are born with theirs. Well, I am not gonna say that it hurts me like hell when somebody calls me pretty. Obviously it feels good, it’s basic human nature.

Everyone like compliments right? So do I. But, why to take pride in something for which you didn’t do anything at all? I would be a lot happier and feel proud of myself if people appreciate me for my work or my nature and they truly know what kind of person I am. That would be the most greatest thing for me.

You are not beautiful, I am not ugly

Always remember guys, we all are created by the same Lord, the most powerful and beautiful creator. So, his creation, we humans, are also beautiful, because our creator is beautiful. Have you ever looked at a child and wondered that how pure and serene they are?

Filled with so much innocence, because their soul is beautiful and it’s not yet polluted with the air of corrupted society. But as a child starts growing up and steps into this world filled with comparisons and jealousy he loses his innocence and is compelled to behave or act in a particular way in order to be accepted by the society.

So, what does beauty really mean? Who is a beautiful person? Is it someone who is born with it or someone who is considered to be beautiful because they satisfy all the terms and conditions that are formed by our society in order to be called beautiful? Sorry guys, but let’s just find answers of our own. I just wanna say,  you are not beautiful, I am not ugly, because we are one and created by the same one.

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