why do i hate schools?


WHY DO I HATE SCHOOLS ? Some of you might be wondering from my this question that I am one among those kind of students who don’t like education, keep on blaming others because they are so lazy, like couch potatoes and don’t wanna do anything good in their life. So, let me just clarify you guys one thing. By hating schools I don’t mean that I don’t like education and knowledge, it’s just that I’ve got some issues with the way everything is working.

Let me first tell you two most worst experiences of mine in school. When I was in seventh grade, there was a new history teacher in our school who told us to make a project on certain topic. On the day of submission, when  I was handing over my file to her, she without even opening it, threw it over my desk.

I still remember that I was standing right in front of her. Honestly I don’t have words to describe how I felt at that time. She didn’t had any idea regarding how much efforts I had put in order to complete that project. I used to love making projects and doing all that creative stuff.


All of my classmates appreciated my project, because it was different and unique. I don’t know if they were lying or something, well that’s a different story. For my teacher it was too much colorful. I wasn’t supposed to be that much creative. Okay, that’s fine. I started crying because I was simply not able to control my emotions.

The worst part is when my teacher sees me crying, she gives me a very strange look and tells me to stop these crocodile tears. Are you serious? I mean after so much humiliation, this is what I was told to do, this is how you treat a child?  I was ordered to make a whole new file and submit it the next day.

The next incident happened when I was in eleventh grade. My physics teacher was very well known for his strictness and cruelty. Just because I didn’t score well in one of my class tests he tells me that I don’t deserve to be in this school. I am not even telling you what were his exact words, because they were just too mannerless and humiliating. The way he talked to me was just horrible. You judge a student just on the basis of a single test. My friends and classmates were also  standing their, all filled with terror.


As soon as I went home, I locked myself in the washroom, literally started crying and questions myself that am I really that bad? Do I really deserve to hear all this? Have I done such a big crime? Lot of things were just running in my head. I felt miserable at that time. I didn’t want to see that school ever in my life. But, I had to. The funny thing is the same teacher later on tells me that I can score in 90s in my finals. But I can never forget the way he treated me and how his words affected me.

Not only me, these kind of things happens with a large number of students in schools and even a lot worse than this. Students are treated like animals in some schools, they keep on reminding them that you are not good enough, you don’t deserve anything. Instead of making a wee bit effort to know what are the reasons behind their performance, are they even understanding what things are being taught by the teachers or not, they prefer to shout and scream at them most of the time.


Many students are committing suicides in our country every year under depression and pressure. Who is to be blamed? They are not even given a chance to show what they are really capable of doing. Many of them chooses their subjects under the pressure of their parents, family and society.

They keep on telling you what’s good and bad for you without even asking you what are the things you truly wanna do. There is a mentality in our society that if you’ll score good marks you’ll get a good college, if you get a good college,you’ll find a good job and boom! you are successful.

I am not saying that getting good grades and getting into a good college is just worthless, what I am trying to say is that suppose if you are not able to get into a good college or excellent grades, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to succeed. If you are truly passionate about something, no matter how much obstacles or hurdles come your way, you’ll definitely find a way to achieve your goal.

Come hell or high water, nobody will have the power to stop you to do the things you put your heart and soul into. Just don’t bother yourself about the crap people keep on telling you, it really doesn’t matter. You will also meet people who might sound a bit sour to you but they might be someone who are telling you about your faults and really wants you to improve. You must be thankful to these types of people.

We start doubting ourselves with so much negativity that vibrates all around, but don’t let yourself get carried away with all this. Remember, that you are one of a kind and you can do some things in a way that the others would never be able to do it the way you do it. Do the things you love and love the things you do.

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