What it means to be free ?



Self-acceptance is the biggest and most important key to unlock the doors of freedom for ourselves. Sometimes we feel there is a war going inside our mind. There is no external war, but this internal war which seems to be never ending and is more dangerous than any other kind of war. What it means to be free ?

What it means to be free

I always had a lot of issues with myself and felt that I just don’t fit in. When everyone used to enjoy, laughing, playing, chatting and gossiping, I used to sit at one corner of my classroom, alone, as if I was an outcast.

Everyone thought that this girl might be depressed or sad. But, I guess it wasn’t the case at all. It was my personality. I prefer to be alone most of the time, because I think it helps me to know myself better and I enjoy my own company.

You’ll meet a lot of people in your life, which are not going to accept you the way you are. This may be because you are different from them or maybe because your opinions, qualities and way of living don’t match.

Humans tend to bond more easily with the people who are similar to them and are like them in various ways. Because in that way there will be less clashes of opinions and also less chances of fights or arguments. That’s the way it is.

Being free means to accept yourself the way you are. That’s the only way you’ll start accepting other people. How can you accept the other person if you’re fighting in accepting yourself?


“Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. And whatever will happen, will also happen for the good. You need not to worry for the past. You need not to worry for the future. The present is happening. Live in the present.”

What it means to be free

These are some of the beautiful lines from ‘Sri Bhagawad Gita’. These are very simple yet powerful lines carrying a very important message. How do we define past and future? Do they really exist?

If we go a little deeper, we’ll realize that these are no more than thoughts or memories in our mind. Past events are mere memories that have no existence left in the present and no one knows future.


You really need to see the reality. Many of us find it easier to live in illusions. We always keep on finding ways to escape from the truth or reality. Keep on lying to others all the time and also to ourselves is the worst thing that most of us do.

We try to hide ourselves a little box, all dark from inside, in between the four walls, so that nobody can see us or reach us. We build these walls for ourselves and then keep on complaining how lonely we are.

Being free means to accept the reality and see the things just the way they are. It’s a state in which no power in this world will have the strength to take away your freedom from you . Because it’s not the physical freedom we are talking about, it’s the freedom of your soul, your mind which leads to infinite blissfulness.

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