The inquisitive girl, who asks millions of questions
Eager to know everything, book is her obsession.
The mystery girl, lost in her own world
Filled with secrets, having a desire to conquer this world.
The athlete girl, who loves to work out
Follows a diet plan, fitness is something she is always concerned about.

The crazy fan girl, in love with that actor
I want to marry him one day, a wee bit psycho character.
The fun loving girl, always ready to hang out
Huge number of friends, she can’t live without.
The creative girl, turns boring to interesting
Filled with ideas, she got something enlightening.

The fashion girl, always concerned about looks
Got so much style, but don’t know how to cook.
The ambitious girl, with high goal and desire
Climbing the mountain, watch her eyes burning with fire.
The lonely girl, feeling lost in this mammoth globe
Searching for her soul, so much burden she wants to unload.

The sensitive girl, can’t see anyone in pain
Her heart is as pure as a newborn baby, she’s the one quite hard to explain.
Beautiful girls are all around
Just listen to her inner sound.

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