ONE DAY EVERYTHING WILL END: What comes in your mind when you think about one day it will be all over?  Everything will end one day. The biggest reality and truth of life is, death. Steve Jobs once said that death is one of the best invention of life. He believed knowing that one day I am gonna die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that I have something to lose. We all are already naked.

We don’t own anything. Everything we possess will just remain here, on earth. Why don’t we realize that how precious life is? Future is so unpredictable. Isn’t it? We don’t know what’s going to happen next. We have no idea regarding for how much time we’re gonna live in this wonderful planet . So, why not to live it fully or completely?

Humans spend their whole life running or chasing after their goals and ambitions. Some are able to achieve it too, but some might have to taste failure. You’ll easily find several numbers of people who are highly successful and have all the comforts of life, but still these people feel so incomplete, lonely and unhappy from inside.

Sometime we get so busy in our lives that we don’t have time for even ourselves. Just hold on for a moment, take a deep breath, feel the air against your skin and just simply smile. Yes smile, one of the most beautiful gift the almighty has given us.

Many people keep on complaining that I got nothing. Look at them, how happy they are, what a beautiful house they have, wow! look at her, how beautiful she is, he is so perfect, look at his body, what a physique and the list just goes on and on. All the time we keep on comparing ourselves with others. But, we don’t realize that we are insulting ourselves by comparing us to others.

one day everything will end

Things are not always how they look like. The girl you saw in the cover page of a magazine might not be that sexy, hot and beautiful as she is appearing to be. It’s simply a perfect photo and god knows how much editing is done in a single photo. You don’t know who’s the real girl behind the camera, how’s she feeling and how her life is in actual. But we just don’t give a damn about this stuff, what we’ll find attractive is just the photo and nothing else.

We go straight into comparisons and then end up spoiling our own mood. Why I am not as pretty as her? Why do we develop such kind of thoughts in our mind? It’s not completely our fault that these kinds of comparisons and inferiority complexes comes in our brain.

The media, advertisements, internet and all this stuff keeps on reminding us that if you want to look beautiful you need to apply this cream and see the magic. You need this dress, this cream, that hair color, those shoes, that necklace so and so things in order to make yourself look beautiful. What rubbish is this? Well, we can’t control all these things, but what we can control is our own mind and thoughts and realizing that these things really don’t matter to gain happiness.Don’t waste your time thinking and getting upset about such things.

You are beautiful in your own way, you are unique, nobody can ever become like you, so why you want to become like others?


What really matters is do you really have any impact on someone else’s life? What you think about yourself? Do you know how to live your life in true sense? How much efforts you put in order to make others happy? These are the things what makes you a real human being. Don’t pay much attention to what others think about you.

You can’t make everyone happy at the same time, no matter how hard you try. Some people gonna love you and some might hate you, but you just need to keep on moving forward, live in your present, enjoy the journey rather than thinking about the destination. Live your life to the fullest and like nobody has ever lived before because my dear friends ONE DAY IT WILL BE OVER…

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