HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING?: Have you ever wondered that there is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts? Sometimes we just get too much lost in our thoughts that we don’t even know how to get out of it. It feels like you’re in middle of this deep blue ocean which seems to be endless and you are not finding a way to take yourself out of it. You feel like you’ve been trapped.


Thinking too much about future, over analyzing different situations and start assuming a lot of things, even if it might not be true in actual, are some of the signs of overthinking. A huge number of people suffers from this problem. You don’t even realize that you create a lot of problems for yourself which aren’t even present in actual.

Here are some of the ways which might help you to get rid of the problem of overthinking.

1. You can’t control everything:  It’s very important for you to understand that there are millions of things which are not under our control. Things are not going to be as per your way all the time. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow. Start differentiating between your beliefs and reality. Ask yourself a question that are your beliefs  based on reality?

Sometimes we just start thinking about the things which don’t have anything to do with the reality. We create problems for ourselves which many times turns out to be illusions. And illusions are far  different from reality and truth. So don’t create problems which don’t even exist in real.


2. Finding the cause of your worry:  Most of the time you overthink because you are worried about something. Instead of constantly thinking about the problem, you should invest your time to find the cause of your worry and than the solution of the problem.

3. Start living in the present:  The past has gone and no one knows what’s gonna happen in the future. What we have in our hands is just the present. Predicting too much about future and start assuming a lot of things can also lead to overthinking. So, try to focus towards your present, forget the past and don’t worry too much about the future.

4.Engage yourself in different activities:   As it’s said that an idle brain is the Devil’s workshop, we got no idea how many thoughts comes in our mind when we have nothing to do or when we are  sitting idle. Our mind starts travelling here and there and  we start to loose our focus.

Try to engage yourself in activities that aspires you and makes you happy. Go out and hang out with your friends and family to lighten up your mood.

How to stop overthinking?

5.Be aware of what’s going inside your head:  Don’t let your mind or thoughts fool you. Sometimes we get so lost in our thoughts and assume things on our own that we are not able to tackle with the problem. Learn to control your mind and never let the mind control you.

Once you got success in controlling your mind, things will become a lot easier for you and you would be able to differentiate between your actual problem and the unrealistic problems who are mere delusional.


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