Friends by Nirja



The handsome one, girls are always glued around him
His hotness is something filled up to the brim.
The messy one, don’t bother about his looks
Skip the baths, but loves the books.
The loud one, gives severe pain to ears
Always want the spotlight, filled with fears.

The smart one, knows the solution of every problem
Knows how the difficulties can be overcome.
The lazy one, is such a couch potato
Searching for shortcuts, spirit is something always low.
The fake one, will bite you like a white shark
Follows in the sun, but leaves you in the dark.

The hard working one, avoids fun and frolic
Don’t have time, they are kind of workaholic.
The fitness freak, sweat is their accessory
Gym and work out are the things very necessary.
The true ones, the one you call your best friend
These are the ones holding your hand till the end.

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