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We are often given thousands of advices throughout our lifetime.

“Hey, go to that college, it’s awesome; breakup with her, she is going to cheat you; you are supposed to do it like this; no no no don’t do it, you will fail.”

People have this habit of putting noses in others business. You are planning to do anything or maybe choosing your career, thousands of people will start giving you free advice and tell you whether you should choose it or not, and the funny thing is, you don’t even ask for it.

What it means to find your own way?

Well, the answer is quite simple.
Don’t bother about the shit that people keep stuffing into your brains and don’t forget it’s YOUR LIFE, so be the leader, not a slave.

Easier said than done, right? We can’t deny the fact that we are constantly under the influence of so many things. Sometimes it just becomes so hard to even breathe in this polluted world. A world filled with selfishness, cruelty, judgement, superficiality and jealousy. If I talk about myself, I’ve been constantly judged by people, always been reminded that I am not doing the right thing ( even if I am doing the right thing) and also made to start doubting myself.

Yeah, it happens with all of us. Because of the judgement of others, we start to doubt our own capabilities and our self-worth. We just get too afraid to take our own decisions. One wrong step and people are standing in line to laugh at us. So, what are we supposed to do? Keep waiting and don’t make a move, just because we are too scared of people’s judgement? NO. We have to take a step forward.

To find your own way is to follow your bliss. This involves analysis, watching yourself and seeing where real deep bliss is – not the quick little excitement, but the real deep, life-filling bliss.
— Joseph Campbell

Ask yourself a question that why are you doing whatever that you are doing. Just sit down, relax and ponder upon it. Often people don’t have answers for even such a simple question. The reason is because they never think about it.

Listen to the murmurings of your heart. Before choosing or following any path always keep this thing in your mind that am I going to be happy and content with its outcome or not? Am I going to give something good to this world?
If yes, then go for it. Why to go for something that you know you’re going to regret later on?

Everyone has a different path to follow and their own journeys and destinations to reach. You can’t compare your journey to somebody else’s, that’s totally stupid. You don’t need to travel or walk through the same road as the thousands are travelling by.

If you want to choose the less traveled road, its totally up to you. You might be scared at first because you don’t know what you might face ahead, it could be a little riskier or even dangerous.

Find your own way

But you also know that you might come across something incredible out there, something wonderful that you’ve never seen before in your life. The decision is totally up to you, whether you wanna take a risk and listen to your heart or just go with everybody else. You made the choice, so only you are responsible for the outcomes.

Find out the things that touches you in the most deepest way and keep on exploring more and more about it, keep on learning, never stop. That’s going to help you find your own way, your way of living your life and your own true self.

What are the things that makes you YOU? What is the thing that lights a spark in you that nobody can cease to shine? Everyone has something unique and wonderful inside them which they often don’t realize and keep searching for it outside. But, its inside all of us, every human being.

Do something different, do it your way, you got your own style, so why to copy others? Learn from the people whom you admire and who inspires you, but never try to become like them, because deep down you also know that you can’t. Figure out your way.

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6 thoughts on “FIND YOUR OWN WAY”

  1. Love the Joseph Campbell quote you included. I love that you included a part about not comparing yourself to others because each path is different – I wish more people addressed individuality.

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