New year, new resolutions, new hopes, new desires, new beginnings and so on. Many of us see every new year as a new beginning, making various plans regarding how we are going to do something different this year and say bye bye to our old bad habits. Everyone has wished they could hit refresh on their lives at least once. It could be broken relationships, missed chances to travel, a stalled career or even money worries.

Sometimes our lives just seem to come off track and we can’t seem to see a clear way out of our problems, and then we find ourselves craving a fresh start. So if you’re craving a blank slate and feeling like you’ve screwed up, is it time to go back to basics and start again?

Change Your Diet

Many of us get caught in an unhappy cycle or emotional overeating that leaves us feeling sluggish, putting on weight and compromising our health. If your diet feels like it could do with a reboot, it could be time to try a detox. Detox juice plans are a way to jump start your body into weight loss and flush toxins from your system, while allowing you a complete break to evaluate and reset your eating habits.

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Try cutting out refined carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta as well as things with sugar and sweeteners like fructose. An initial harder phase can allow you to keep a couple of good habits going after you’ve cleansed your system.

Overhaul Your Finances

Financial stress can have an acute impact on our well being and really make our lives hard. You know if you’ve been slipping into negative habits, but these can be addressed if you realize that they are there. Try a financial form of detox by buying in all the food and necessities you need and then give yourself a spending ban for 30 days.

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Create a wish list and instead of buying new things, add them into the list to create a ‘cooling off period’ to distance yourself from impulse buys. Use the money to pay off a credit card or combine your debts into a secured debt consolidation loan and blitz the payments. You’ll feel so free afterwards and are likely to be a lot more considered with your purchases.

Sort Your Sleep

It can be very easy for your sleep cycle to get out of alignment, especially after you’ve been off work for a couple of weeks – all those late night Netflix and Twitter binges will do that to you. It is possible to reset your body clock, as it’s controlled by your natural circadian rhythm which responds to cues such as daylight and the times you eat and exercise.

To reset your body clock, try to avoid eating during the 12 hour period before you want to be awake. So to rise at 7 am, try fasting from 5 pm the preceding evening. You can also try 30 minutes of bright light after waking up – an LED daylight lamp can help with this in the winter.

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Blue light can also be highly disruptive to your natural sleep state, so try to avoid using tablets and mobile phones in bed – your best bet is to put them to charge in another room.

Sometimes things might not go our way, we feel so frustrated and sick from our lives that we don’t want to do anything at all. Remember that there is always a way out. But we all need to figure it out for ourselves.

Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.

– Sam Levenson

You must have a vision. You must know where you want to see yourself in the coming 5-10 years. That way you need to focus on your work and show the world what you got by making a difference. Don’t give up on your dreams so easily and start right now.


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