Best ways to avoid internet trolls

Best ways to avoid Internet trolls

In today’s age of criticism where everyone is ready to judge you and just waiting desperately when you will slip a little and they’ll start attacking you like anything, internet trolls have become very common. If you have an online business or you run a blog or anything it’s quite hard to say that you haven’t come across any internet trolls.

Well, if you haven’t then well for you. But, you might come across them during some point in your life. So, it’s better to prepare yourself for dealing with this stuff rather than getting all hyped up and feel like kicking the ass of these people.

Here I’ve listed some of the best ways to avoid internet trolls.

1. Ignoring the posts

What’s the main agenda of a troll? To get into your nerves and make you all heated up right? What if you choose to ignore and stop feeding the troll? The sooner you do it; the better will be the results.

2. Ask to elaborate

Everyone has different opinions and ways of looking at things in this mammoth world. You must really believe in your principles and no one would ever be able to offend you. It can be hard at first because some people are such suckers; it’s hard to stand them.

But let them give the chance to prove their point and ask them to elaborate and see what they have to say. These are the people who are just craving for attention so badly, so let these poor folks have the chance to spill out their intentions and just try to keep your calm.

3. Moderate commenting

If you feel the situation is getting out of hand, you can try this one. If someone is constantly giving negative comment about everything, then why to even let them get inside your blog in the first place? Moderating your comments can be a very good way to avoid such offending posters to do their work.

4. Kill them with kindness

People like to get involved in dirty games nowadays. They like to argue, prove themselves to be always correct and showering hatred on other people. What if someone is being mean or rude and you just turn the table and handle the situation with light humor?

This is really going to be a punch in the faces of that troll. If you are someone who knows their worth, then you won’t waste time paying heed towards a bunch of haters whose job is trying their best to offend people.

5. Don’t take it personally

We can’t deny the fact that today social media has become one of the best means of communicating with people from all over the world.


“When they are hidden behind a screen, people often say things that they would never say to someone’s face,” — Lauren Conrad 


But we can’t also hide the fact that it has given some people the power to say whatever the hell they wanna say from the comfort of their rooms and spread negativity.  The internet is filled with a lot of jerks who are basically frustrated with their own lives, so they want to take all of their frustration out by spreading negativity and hurting others.

Focus your attention towards your supporters, who motivates you to do better rather than a bunch of trolls who can never be satisfied. If you truly believe in what you are doing, then don’t take things to your heart and start laughing at how ridiculous some people can be.





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