Teenage is quite a complicated age. It’s a kind of gateway to adulthood from childhood. You want to do one thing and people expect you to do other. You make a lot of mistakes and learn from them. I would like to share some lessons that I’ve learned being a teenager.

 1. Don’t be so serious: I’ve met a lot of people who are so serious all the time. Well, I also used to be one among them. I used to get upset over very little things which don’t even matter that much. I always used to worry about my future that what I am gonna do in my life and how I am gonna do it. There’s nothing wrong about it because it’s quite natural, but the problem arises when you are too lost in your future that you are not even able to concentrate on your present.

5 Things That I Learned As A Teenager

Live in the moment, make people laugh, have fun, make good friends, do hard work and enjoy. Always remember that this time will never come back so don’t behave like a 40-year-old uncle. It’s ok to be a little weirdo (I mean a weirdo), to break your neighbor’s windows, to not listen to your parents (not so sure about that), to fight with your siblings and friends (be careful that you don’t break each other’s bones), to not do homework sometimes (obviously if the teacher is not strict otherwise you’re dead) and millions of things. What really matters is you are living everyday of your life to the fullest and without carrying bundles of regrets on your heart.

2. Ask questions: You might have noticed that how a little kid is so curious to know everything that’s going around him. He asks millions of questions and don’t give a damn about what people think about him. But as we start getting a little older this habit of ours starts diminishing and we start to hesitate in asking questions or we simply not ask.

What are the reasons behind this? Do we think we are too smart and know everything? Maybe not. So, why do we do it?

5 things that I learned as a teenager

A lot of times the reason is very simple. We think that what if my question is just too dumb or silly, others gonna laugh at me as if I am a nincompoop. Suppose if you ask a very silly question and others are laughing (I know it hurts like hell), but trust me guys it’s totally fine.

You are far better than those people who might also have doubts but don’t have enough guts to ask. You ask a question and you are getting an answer which you didn’t know. Isn’t it great? The best part you made others laugh too. (BONUS!!!) You did a great job. Not only in class, ask questions where ever you feel like asking. If someone says you would not be able to do this thing, ask them can you please tell me why? And see their reactions.

3. Don’t follow internet blindly: Nobody can deny the fact that our generation is the generation of internet. We all know its pros and cons. Want to search anything? Go to Google, our Hero, our savior, our everything. Getting bored? Open YouTube and get yourself entertained. Life has become so easier because of these things. And we talk about hard work.

There is so much information available over there which can be very useful for us, but also there are certain things which can completely destroy us. I know, might sounds kind of scary. But we can’t deny this. Social media and internet have a huge impact on our life nowadays. Many teens get addicted to these social apps and claims they are connecting with people all around the globe.

5 things that I learned as a teenager

But have you ever tried to think that aren’t these things kind of making us ‘ anti-social ‘ rather than social. Even when we are sitting with our friends, still we can’t stop looking into our phones after every 5 minutes. It’s like we are so addicted to it. We don’t even realize how much hours we just waste on watching and looking at silly stuff in our phones. I mean it’s okay to take rest, get relaxed and enjoy you know but don’t let it become your addiction or something that you can’t live without. There is so much to discover in this beautiful world, come out of your mobile phones and step into the real world. Don’t bother about this unrealistic world.

4. Be yourself: This is the most important one. It seems like nowadays there is a race to become perfect. Sometimes we get so fascinated by others that we start developing a desire of becoming like them. Why I am not as cool as them? Am I not good enough? We often think about such things. Why are some people so interested in becoming copy cats?

Always remember you can never become like others and neither they can become like you. Just love yourself the way you are because you are different, you are different than any other person in this planet and entire universe. Always fight for your rights and say what you feel and what you think, because no one can know you better than yourself. Try to become the best version of yourself, the best of whatever you can.

5. Choose your career wisely: Teenage is the age when we are filled with energy, so many desires, goals and ambitions. Choosing career isn’t a piece of cake. Career is a very important part of your life. Before coming to any decision think and ask yourself do you really want that or not?

You shouldn’t be choosing it under somebody’s pressure. You have complete right to take decisions of your life and see what’s good and bad for you. Discover yourself and know what are the things you are good at and things that make you happy. I always had a lot of confusions regarding what should I go for and was about to make a very big mistake but I really thank God that I took the right decision.

Please guys don’t take any decisions that you have to regret on one day. Don’t just build castles in the air, work for your dreams. Be true to yourself, always keep on pushing yourself and trying harder and harder. You’ve only got one chance, one life, just don’t waste it, live it fully. Come hell or high water you must fight every obstacle that come your way.

No matter how hard people try to push you down, you must have the strength to try again and again. Let them shout at you, scream at you, let them make noise, you gotta make noise with your success.

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